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Everyone Smiles in The Same Language

From the moment I walked through the door, I felt right at home, the staff was friendly and courteous and the nurses and doctors made me feel right at home, now when I go to the dentist, I feel less like I'm having someone work on my teeth and more like I'm visiting a friend
If someone told me that one day I would like going to the dentist more then I like going shopping, I wouldn't have believed them, but that's exactly what has happened with Dr. Wahl and his fabulous staff at West One Family Dental. I recommend them to my friends, family and even people off the street.
A friend recommended West One Family Dental to our family 16 years ago when we relocated to Colorado Springs. Our children now take their family to West One Dental. Dr. Wahl and the staff at West One Family Dental are friendly and honest people that provide excellent care. They never try to sell unnecessary services. I recommend West One Family Dental to anyone looking for an excellent dentist.
~ Ray
Before going to West One Family Dental, I was insecure and unhappy about my smile. I would avoid smiling for pictures and not having straight teeth made me self-conscious. Dr. Wahl's skill and caring nature were able to give me the smile I had always dreamed of! Thanks West One!
~ Sydney
I used to be so ashamed of my smile, looking back on my old family pictures, I had my mouth closed in shame for all of them, that changed when I met the terrific people at West One Family dental, they fixed my smile right up. I am proud to show everyone my pearly-whites now and regularly get sincere compliments about my smile. Thank you so much, you changed my life.
The kind folks at West One Family Dental made such an impression on me and my son, he even wanted to have his birthday party at West One, thanks so much
We have been a patient of West One Family Dental for almost 30 years! During all these years, I can say without a moment's hesitation that Dr. Wahl and his staff of caring professionals have delivered outstanding dental care in a warm and comforting environment. Moreover, I am convinced that West One Family Dental delivers exceptional value to the health care consumer who always needs to be aware of budgetary concerns.

~Craig and Judy Carnick
Manitou Springs

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